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About Nexus Solutions
Nexus Solutions was founded by a group of IT professionals who pride themselves on providing a superior customer service experience coupled with excellent technical skills and knowledge, at an affordable price. Offering computer repair, either on-site or by pickup, as well as website design and consulting, Nexus Solutions is your one-stop-shop for all your computer needs. After speaking with several customers of some of the larger computer repair companies in Tulsa, who were not at all satisfied with the quality of work performed or the price they were charged, we are certain we can provide a better customer experience at a lower price.

computer repair tulsa team

Tim DeGeer - Tim has an Associates Degree in Applied Science in Computer Information Systems and has been working as a PC Support Specialist since 2000. Tim has provided support to a network with 500+ machines, as well as managing the technology planning and implementation of new hardware and software. Also proficient in installation and maintenance of projectors, VCR/DVD players, and surround sound systems in order to bring a complete multimedia experience to life. Tim is also experienced in website design, focusing primarily on education based sites.

Michael Craighead - Michael has always been an avid computer hobbiest. Since the age of four he has been on a computer nearly every day of his life. His interest and curiosity has led to his amassed knowledge, how wondering "How does this work?", or "What happens when I do this?" Whether it be software, hardware, or computer operation, he knows his way in, out, and around a computer. He is currently a student in college studying for computer programming and has been working as a computer technician for the past two years.

Ryan Garrett - Ryan has been building, repairing and troubleshooting PC's for the last 7 years. He has experience with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Ubuntu Linux and some Debian linux. Through his years he has had experiences with just about every type of setup there is. He's worked on high-end custom built gaming machines, commercial machines, personal machines, workstations and laptops. Ryan has also been in freelance webdesign for the past 4 years, designing and developing small commercial and personal websites.

Daniel Bennett - He is another of the founders of Nexus Solutions. Daniel has many years of pc repair experience along with the web, whether it's the design, coding, or hosting, Daniel has done it all. He is very knowledgeable in coding with html, php, and mySQL, and has experience in Search Engine Optimization, which is very helpful in getting your website to the top of Google and the other search engines.

Michael Backora - Michael Backora is a computer science major with some web design experience. Michael has been A+ certified since Ferbruary of 2006 and has been building and repairing computers since. He has experience installing and administering several versions of Windows,Linux, and minor exposure to Unix. Michael also has minor programming experience, and moderate networking experience.

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